Haftr 52 Shaare T. 50
12/30/2018 2:20

The Shaare Stars took on the Haftr Hawks on Saturday night in Brooklyn. After trading baskets to open the game, the Stars started to take control. However, Haftr wasn’t going down easy. They stormed back to take an 8 point lead late in the 4th. However, the Stars were not out of it yet. Former Haftr student Ariel Hayim stuck it to his old school with 2 key threes in the 4th, and Victor Hoffman has another 2 big threes to tie the game. With under 2 minutes to go. Haftr took the lead but missed free throws kept Shaare Torah in the game. After going up by 2 with under 20 seconds to go, Shaare Torah had one final shot. Ezra Shalom threw up a prayer from near midcourt and nailed it to take a 1 point lead with 5 seconds to go. After a timeout, Haftr inbounded the ball and got it to halfcourt where they called their final timeout. They inbounded the ball to Joseph Kaufman who promptly pump faked and hit a three at the buzzer to win the game for the visiting Hawks. Great effort on both sides and an exciting end to a great game.