Championship Game
3/21/2018 1:09

In last nights championship matchup between The Bruriah Lightening and the Frisch Cougars both teams came out strong and determined to take home the championship trophy.  The Bruriah lightening came out strong with Senior Gabi Goldberg sinking a three point shot to start the game. Junior, Gabrielle Thurm posed a threat early grabbing key rebounds and hitting important shots to keep the lightening in the game. The tenacious defense of Frisch Senior, Rebecca Bock would help hold Bruriah’s Senior guard Jessie Orgel to minimal points in last nights championship battle.  The Bruriah Lightening would go into halftime up by one point. 

In the second half the Frisch Cougars came out fighting hard and determined to secure the victory.  Key three point shots by Seniors Sarah Lieberman and Atarah Kaner would put the Frisch Cougars up early in the second half.  It was the tough defense of the Frisch Couagrs that allowed them to maintain a lead throughout the second half of play.  This lead would go onto secure a long awaited victory for the Frisch Cougars. Congratulations to the Varsity Women’s Yeshiva League Champions, The Frisch Cougars.