Hawks pull it out
3/5/2018 9:02
Haftr v Ramaz
In a very high tempo basketball game between Haftr and Ramaz, the game did not disappoint anyone who came out to watch.
With a scoreless minute and a half, with both teams feeling each other out, Ramaz struck first with a 3 pointer by Vilinsky. Haftr would push the tempo and answer with a layup by Matthew Jedwab and then a 3 pointer by Avi Rokosz. The game continued in similar fashion with Haftr extending the lead to 19 at one point in the second quarter. A steady run by Ramaz with a couple 3’s by Rubenstein and Vilinsky, cut the Ramaz deficit to 13 at halftime.
Haftr came out to start the second half the same way they started going back up 19 points with 5:30 left to go in the 3rd quarter. That’s when the game really got exciting. With multiple misses by Haftr, Ramaz took advantage of the opportunity and charged all the way back to tie the game at 44-44 to close out the 3rd quarter.
In the 4th quarter, it was all Haftr. Turning up their half court defense, multiple steals leading to layups by Jordan Appel and steady interior attacking by Matthew Jedwab. The hawks took a commanding 17 point lead. The deficit was too great to overcome and they were able to prevail by 15.