3/7/2017 9:58

In a very well played game, HAFTR came out with a very intense and balanced effort.  Playing a very good man to man defense, HAFTR was able to slow down the MTA offense that is normally lead by Eitan Pfeiffer and Eitan Warburg.  HAFTR jumped out to about a 10 point lead with the help Ben Korblum, Gabe Shamama, Dovie Baratz, and Adam Herman.  Isiah Anderson did his best to keep MTA in the game with outstanding effort on both offense and defense.  HAFTR went into hafltime with a 9 point lead.  In a tightly contested second half, HAFTR was able to withstand any run made by MTA and was lead by Gabe Shamama and Matthew Jedwab.  Those two were able to come up with big baskets and slow down any run that MTA tried to make.  PFeiffer and Warburg played with great tenacity and were able to keep fighting to close the lead to as close as 7 with tremendous hustle and foul shooting.  In the end of the game, Matthew Jedwab went 8-8 from the line and finished with 26 points to lead HAFTR to victory.  Gabe Shamama finished with 15.  HAFTR won with an all around team effort both on offense and defense.