3/27/2017 2:10

Coming off of an intense Sarachek weekend, the Frisch Cougars were fairly exhausted and knew that the playoff game against Flatbush would be difficult. Frisch had lost to Flatbush during the regular season but felt prepared to take them on this time around, especially on their own court. However, when the game began Frisch was quite overwhelmed. Flatbush’s top scorers, Hadid and Rosow, were firing and hitting shot after shot while the Cougars struggled to take control of the game. The first half ended with Flatbush going on a 10-2 run and ending off the half with a comfortable ten point lead. The Cougars went back to the locker room unsure of how to respond. However, the coaches reminded the players that they had worked too hard to let it end this way and asked them one simple question: Do you want this to be the last basketball game of your high school careers?

The second half displayed their response. The Cougars fought hard, cutting the Flatbush lead little by little, shutting down Hadid and keeping Flatbush to only sixteen points in the half and only five points in the fourth quarter. The game was up for grabs until the very last second, but Frisch came out on top. With the game tied at 48 and 0.7 seconds left, and the ball Frisch’s to inbound, the coaches drew up the play and the players executed. With a well set screen from Sammy Fishman, Jack Stepner was able to get open and with a picture perfect inbound pass from Isaac Leifer, Stepner, with ice in his veins, knocked down a midrange dagger over two Flatbush players. After a hard fought, intense thirty-two minutes, Frisch was able to make a comeback and live to play another game.