SELECT G.GameID, GameDate, G.GameTime , G.HomeTeamID, G.AwayTeamID, Home.TeamName as Home, Away.TeamName as Away, Complete, G.HomeTeamResult, G.AwayTeamResult, G.HomeTeamScore, G.AwayTeamScore, Description, G.AMorPM, SH.school_name as HomeSchool , SA.school_name as AwaySchool, Home.short_name as HShort, Away.short_name as AShort, L.short_name, CASE WHEN AMorPM = 'PM' and GameTime < 12000 THEN GameTime +120005 ELSE GameTime +5 END as 'NEWTIME', L.LeagueName, sport_name, Away.school_id_fk as AwaySchools, Home.school_id_fk as HomeSchools , Home.logo as homelogo, Away.logo as awaylogo, S.sport_icon, RTA.ResultName as AwayResult, RTH.ResultName as HomeResult, Home.* From Games G Left Join Teams Home on Home.TeamID = HomeTeamID Left Join Teams Away on Away.TeamID = AwayTeamID Left Join Schools SH on SH.school_id = Home.school_id_fk Left Join Schools SA on SA.school_id = Away.school_id_fk LEFT JOIN Leagues L on L.LeagueID = G.LeagueID Left Join Sports S on S.sport_id = L.sport_id_fk LEFT JOIN ResultTypes RTH on HomeTeamResult = RTH.ResultTypeID LEFT JOIN ResultTypes RTA on AwayTeamResult = RTA.ResultTypeID Where G.is_deleted = 0 AND (Home.school_id_fk = 42 or Away.school_id_fk = 42) AND GameDate > '10/1/2014' ORDER BY GameDate, NEWTIME ASC, GameTime ASC

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